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Blogging tools – WordPress

We have standardized on WordPress as our blogging tool because

  • It’s easy to use
  • It integrates with your own site
  • You can create additional static pages so it functions as mini-site
  • It’s customizable
  • The tagging is foolproof
  • You can link to other sites via your blogroll.

WordPress exists in 2 flavours, .com and .org. The .com version which we use for HowtodoBusiness and PunchaboveyourWeight is hosted by WordPress has all the things in it you need and you can just set up and go. The .org version which we now use for a whole range of sites including this one  is downloadable but  you have to do more work with it and host it yourself. The good news is you can be as commercial with it as you like while the .com version will penalize you if you overly “commercial”.

The best way to use is to buy your domain and have it hosted by one of WordPress’ partners. We use JustHosts because they have a UK office and our experience is that they’re pretty quick off the mark if you hit problems.

They’ll charge you around £70 a year and for that you can host as many sites as you want within reason. The best thing is that you can just instruct it to install wordpress onto your domain and all you have to do then is upload a theme that you like.

This site uses the “Constructor” theme but I’ve used Atahualpa extensively on sites like and

It’s very easy to set up and use and can be considered as a cornerstone of your on-line activity. If you are running a business services company, a Blog can be an ideal business tool as long as you can generate 300 – 400 words of well written copy every 7-10 days.

As well as being used for external communication, you can also use blogs within a business too. Service businesses, once they grow past a certain point, need to focus on internal branding to keep their own team on message. A company Blog is one tool for doing this.

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