Every sales course you’ve ever been on tells you that you have 2 ears and one mouth and that’s the right balance for communication.

Of course no-one does this much – I’ve painfully sat and watched sales colleagues talk themselves out of the other side of the sale.

But listening is more powerful than that. It’s essential to get to understand where someone is really at if you want to work with them or sell them something. It’s essential in market research too. You have to be as neutral as you can to get at what people want to say but don’t articulate. I have an awful tendency to lead the witness so I treated myself to a workshop on x-ray listening with Judy Rees a couple of months back.

This effectively gives you a technique for taking yourself out of the dialogue by using what’s called clean language in which you use the other persons own words inside a mere 12 value neutral questions. It’s surprisingly effective. Here’s a video of Judy putting me through the ringer about promotion via social media.

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