Leadership and Vision

Much of this site is necessarily about sales and marketing.

But you can have the best offers and marketing story in the world and it won’t be much good without people to deliver.

We know from running our own busineses that the way you really make things hum is to engage the people who work for you – to inspire them with the vision that you have and to get them to communicate it to the customers with whom they come in contact.

Some marketers like to call this internal branding, but we think it’s good basic management. If you treat people decently, give them interesting work to do and try and pull together as a team its amazing what can be achieved.

Vision plus Systems

The secret of running a business effectively is to keep communicating your vision to those you meet – and have some good systems in place to back it up.

I’ve recently completed a project to develop a good practice guide to developing an effective workforce for the horticultural industry and I have been struck by how the best companies have embraced flexible working practices, investors in people and lean manufacturing techniques.

All of these are about making sure that your staff are fully engaged with adding value to the customer. And that means communication – systematic communication – of an overall vision of the company’s purpose.

So this part of the site has some intersting things to say in these areas.

You can download the horticultural workforce guide – which in truth could apply to many industries at the following link.

Best Practice Workforce Guide

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