On Line 3

Getting your online presence to work for you.

Good business means you attract people to you via your story

– and then deliver on the promise.

It’s the word (marketing) made flesh (delivery).

You need some kind of a web presence because people expect it. Even if you are planning a purely face to face campaign, people will want to  Google you ahead of meeting you – or afterwards. So it’s important that you have something there that gives a good impression of who you are and what you do.  You may also need to drive traffic to the site more proactively if that’s what your business model needs.

To help you think about it – have a look at this diagram from our Punch above Your Weight Programme

Driving Traffic to your site

What it’s telling us is that you can drive traffic to a site by

  • Meeting people face to face – networking, exhibitions, workshops
  • From Adwords or Organic Search
  • From Links on someone else’s site
  • From written materials – PR, Postcards, Brochures, fliers, white papers,  Emails, Direct Mail pieces that send the individual to look on line

So let’s review the strategic issues and then focus in on the detail of what techniques you want to focus on and how exactly you’re going to make use of them.

The point is – you have to generate a certain number of enquiries – if its just you and you only need 1 consultancy project per 6 months, your strategy is very different from one in which you need 1 sale a week – or as in our plants business 250 – 300 sales a week.

Based on our research into how people actually promote themselves, we found it useful to analyse what people do by whether their business is local or global and whether it’s scalable or not.

We’ve identified that it’s companies that want to operate on a global stage that carry out more online activity – using primarily linked-in and twitter, online social networks and blogs.

However if you want to make the most of this you need to know how to make all of your ducks line up – so that the tools of twitter, social networks and whatever blogging you do all work together to provide an effective backdrop – the scenery to the play of your face to face networking which in the business world is probably going to deliver a lot of your business.  Here is a diagram that gives you one way of connecting it all together.

Online toolkit

The social media toolkit

Of course the important thing is not to over cook it. There’s an enormous temptation for old style marketers to use these wonderful tools to spam the universe and drive their reputation into the ground really quickly.  Hero to zero in 7.6 seconds as it were.

What the new world of social media wants is conversations – they don’t want to be talked at  they want to be talked with. After all we’ve all got lots of practice at tuning out ads – haven’t we.

So to be successful in the twittersphere, you need to re tweet other people’s stuff that you find interesting and engage in conversations with them. Something corporate marketers are generally pretty poor at.

But I’m not going to give you all my secrets here. If you want to know more you have two options.

Buy the e-book

Come to the workshop

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