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Small company Marketing

The truth is that if you are the owner manager of a small company you are going to be involved – either directly or indirectly in the production of your written collateral.  This will impact both marketing and leadership at all points and will be the foundation of that ethos of proactive service that the most successful business owners create around them.

You will be responsible for all that HR stuff as well as the marketing collateral that is – let’s face it – more fun to write. Getting the balance right for the audience is critical too. Many of us are told that if we don’t have a company handbook we are laying ourselves open to disciplinary tribunal failure. And we’re told to write it as close as we can to the legalities for tail-covering legal reasons. Except that throwing stuff with a reading age equivalent to second year University isn’t going to work with people on the minimum wage who left school at 16. But then if it were easy everyone would be doing it.

Returning hastily to marketing – you have to understand the differences in approach between long letters, emails ( and their attendant legal pitfalls), PR and sales support collateral. You have to know how to make it interesting and you need to know that if your headline doesn’t work nothing else matters.

You have to know how people read on line and you have to make sure you get your message across clearly, unambiguously and above all quickly.  You have to know when to use diagrams and when to back off them.

In short it’s a minefield.

However we have lots of experience and will be very happy to help you get to grips with what you need. In particular building the online web presence and supporting white papers that will build your reputation before people even meet you.

Building a collateral library.

We’ve talked a lot about how to be clear about what you do but you need to be systematic about developing the evidence you need to prove that you mean what you say.

Creating documents that explain what you’re about and can act as a guide to prospective customers without impacting your ability to sell to them is always useful.
You should consider creating – or having created –

  • a couple of 2-3 page articles
  • an 8-12 page document which covers the basics of how to use your service written to create informed customers
  • A 60-80 page e-book – about the size of this document.

You can use these in various ways to support your credibility.

You can have free-downloads from you site – which you can promote using Adwords to test what keywords your target audience actually responds to.  You can set up systems (mail-chimp is one, constant contacts is another) which will allow people access to this material in exchange for permission to contact them.

You can sell the e-book through the site OR you can use it as a give-away for workshop attendees OR you can chop it up into 500 word gobbets and create a serialised Blog – OR you can chop it up into 140 character tweets and tell your story to your followers.

All of these will support your networking and other marketing activities – provide the material you need for effective “Givers Gain” and provide that Solid online presence of quality material that you want people to find when they Google you.

Putting this together is a time consuming project – but it’s worth it.

How we can help

We run workshops on general marketing and on copywriting for the online environment.  If you would like more details of how we can help please ask for Alan Rae on 0845 094 0407

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