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Social Media for Real Businesses

For most growing businesses, taking advantage of this opportunity means integrating these exciting possibilities with the usual practical way of getting business by telling your story to people who matter. We’ve  created a powerful one day workshop to help you achieve this.  If you want help to take advantage of these tools to make your business look good on line, then it could be for you It’s priced at £139 including the VAT and you can book your place here.

Here’s what we cover.

1)     What’s your story?

You need a story to connect you with your customers. You must be clear about what you do and describe it in language that resonates with them. If you understand how they think you can build a link between them and you. This section helps you think about it.

2)     Social Media for the real world –– Blogs,  Profiles, Twitter

A review of the main tools available and how you can put them to work – in a nutshell

3)     Online vs Face to Face – getting the right balance.

How much time should you spend on line anyway?   Most small business owners spend 12-15 hours a week promoting themselves online and offline. The mix depends on if their business is local or national, scalable or not.  We help you get the right balance.

4)     Understanding pay per click, keywords and SEO

You have to deconstruct your story into the keywords that routes traffic around the internet.  We’ll show you how to find them  and how to use them for best effect.

5)     Creating on line marketing materials

Most of us need some good proofs of how well we do what we do that people can find. This section reviews some of the tools available and gives you some pointers on how to build white papers, you-tube clips and other on line collateral into your “scenery”

6)     Building an online presence – how to do it right

Most of us require some face to face activity to close business. People Google you before they meet you – or just after. You want them to find something good. This section teaches you how to orchestrate all that you’ve learnt to put it all together.

Workshop runs from 10-4 and costs £139 inc VAT.

You can also buy the book for the workshop separately for £6.99 + postage and packing.  You can have a look at it online here.

Data Science in Digital Marketing

I’m currently developing the digital marketing part of this course for Southampton Data Science Academy.  Amongst other things it reviews topics such as

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