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Dudley Lynch and Brain Technologies

Dudley Lynch, co author of the ground breaking “Strategy of the Dophin” has become our long term collaborator in helping business people like you communicate your ideas and visions to your staff and your customers.

Dudley Lynch

Dudley Lynch - Creator of the BrainMap

He has produced several tools which we find invaluable and which we have built into our workshops and other materials to help you overcome your leadership or marketing problems.

In short these tools deliver practical insights into how the brain works and what the mind needs to improve the quality and suitability of its decisions and actions in today’s demanding 21st Century world where dealing with often unwelcome change has become a way of life.

Getting your story straight.

The pivotal idea of Communication in Business is that the key task in your business is getting the original vision of how you are going to serve your customers boiled down into a succinct story that connects you with them on an emotional level.  This story should also motivate the people who work with you to deliver your vision.

Doing this effectively means that you have to understand how you think and what your values are. And by extension understand the thinking styles and values of the people that you are trying to reach.

What Dudley has done with Brain Technologies is to develop a powerful model to help you understand the dynamics of the forces that motivate us all PLUS a simple but powerful set of tools to help you apply them.

There are two introductory tools, the BrainMap® and the MindMaker6® tool which help you understand yourself in outline. There is also a much more complete analysis for the individual leader called the asset report. This pulls all of the separate parts of Dudley’s model into one comprehensive synthesis.

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