Entrepreneurial Marketing

We all have the experience that marketing in small companies never happens in quite the same way as the textbooks tell you to do it. You may have wondered why.

Put baldly, the official view of marketing was developed by and for large US companies selling consumer goods to a captive audience. They have the resources to create products, and carry out expensive, broadcast promotions. And they can dominate the distribution channels.

However the vast majority of businesses operate in a quite different landscape.  Instead of being dominant, exploitative and jealously guarding information, they operate in a world of collaboration where knowledge is shared to co-create value and where continual learning about the market and each other is the order of the day. Small businesses operate like this as do service businesses and engineering companies. In fact the whole official marketing stance bears little relationship to the way business to business companies conduct their sales and marketing.

This video explores some of these issues and gives you some handy hints as to how to operate better in your own business.


It came about because during the Autumn I was invited to give two courses on entrepreneurial marketing at the business schools in Toulouse and Southampton.  Following on from that I gave an overview talk at the Personal Development Bureau’s meeting just before Christmas.  This is the video of the talk.  I’ll be making a further version of this with the slides embedded at a later date and will be developing a workshop.

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