Collaboration in small businesses – a University white paper available as a free download

boardroomAs you know I do a lot of research projects with Universities into how small companies use the internet. Most of this is about marketing but we also did a study into how small companies use internet tools for collaboration.

This research is written up  in the Journal of Small Business and Enterprise development. The paper describes how 12 small companies went about collaborating effectively. Some just worked together in an ad hoc way and some set up specific platforms to allow others to work together in specific ways.

Usually you have to pay to have access to papers like this. However Emerald, the publishers, selected it as a recommended article and have made it available as a free download for a short period of time – until the 13th July in fact. So you can access it here.

You can read the individual case studies and find out about how they can be classified according to how much technology they use and whether they collaborate as equals or whether the hub organisation provides the platform and sets the rules.

It’s definitely worth a read so I’d encourage you to take up the offer as under the terms of academic publishing you won’t be able to get it FOC even from me when the concession expires on the 13th.

If instead (or as well as) you would rather hear about it via a webinar, I’m going to be running a short overview webinar. It will be on Friday afternoon, 5th July at 4.30. You can register using this link. I’ll send you the password after you register.

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