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Social Media Marketing Cheat Sheet – Business to Business

This does not pretend to be a complete guide to social media – it simply points out the absolute essentials to get you started.

How to build a social media presence

Social Media Toolkit

In the business to business world most of your business is going to be generated face to face or via referrals. So What you want from a web presence is

1) The scenery for the play of your face to face interaction – something that provides social proof that

  • You know your stuff
    You deliver
    You’re easy to work with.

2) Something that makes it very clear what you do – all our research shows that that’s what people want if they’re going to want to do business with you.

3) Easy ways of getting in contact with you – prominent phone numbers, contact forms that send email, chat rooms etc

The whole point of social media is that it takes something that’s static and wraps some real time activity around it so you can

Aggregate material that’s interesting to your constituency
Hold conversations around it
Find collaborative partners.

Your social media tool-kit.

  1. A well thought out Linked- in page. Almost everyone in the corporate / business to business world will have a profile there and it’s important that you do too. You can set it up to carry your publications, information on Slideshare and YouTube and posts from your blog.
  2. You need to have some means of demonstrating your expertise. Which is best for you depends on how frequently you can produce material. If you are quite prolific a well optimised and linked blog will pay dividends. Otherwise consider using slide share or creating a YouTube video. These both have good SEO optimisation.
  3. You need somewhere to converse and meet potential collaborators. Twitter is good for this if you want to meet people but don’t spam them – have conversations. Join a site that gives you both online and off line connection facilities. Ecademy‘s successor Sunzu is shaping up well.
  4. If you are a coach or trainer or otherwise want to maintain ongoing contact with customers consider FaceBook – but run a group rather than a page. If you can get around 1000 members the conversations will be self sustaining and it will give you somewhere to ask the audience about service or new product ideas.
  5. Finally if you want to feed your group and don’t want to write it all yourself look at aggregation and curation tools. Paper.Li and and can be used to feed twitter streams, blogs and FaceBook groups and pages. Make sure they’re all connected together with share buttons and last but not least make sure that all titles and comments on tweets and blog posts are SEO optimised. These days Google takes as much notice of these as on anchor text on links.
  6. Last but not least invest in a copy of Social Media for Real Businesses – my book on the subject.

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  1. Reply Karly - Mint Online Marketing Jan 28,2014 3:44 pm

    Thanks for sharing! Some great points highlighted on how to utilise social media for business. Times have changed and all business need to be social. Whether that’s engaging on social media sites or simply getting out of the office to meet with people face to face. Consumers want to feel like they’re dealing with people who know there industry inside and out and are helpful to the consumers needs.

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