What makes material stand out?

Its important to understand the psychology of what gets noticed when you are creating copy.

People take notice of things that come early on in the presentation, things that come at the end, things that get repeated and things that stand out. They are also very favourably impressed by clarity. All of our research shows that people trust, refer and buy things from people who are clear about what they do.

Persuasion, according to Sales guru, Neil Rackham is not additive. You should always give one clear and compelling reason why someone should engage with you and then be quite. To think that adding extra arguments makes your case stronger is a mistake – you just give the other person more opportunity to reject you.

In fact an experienced buyer will wait till you come up with a really weedy and pathetic extra reason and then start to use it to demolish your case.

The same principles apply in media training too. The instructions are to get your main point out clearly and early in the discussion and then try and finish by reiterating it.

Some of these ideas and principles are discussed in this video drawing on insites from Tony Buzan, Robert Cialdini and our own research. Let me know what you think – it’s an excerpt from the new 1Man Brand programme – Sales and Marketing for Business Owners

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