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All the research shows that the top concern of small business owners is sales and marketing.

However most of the training and consultancy materials are available are written by sales and marketing professionals – not business owners. Selling as a business owner is quite different to working as a sales man. However a lot of the methods are valid – they just need adapting.

Most of us are working in a business to business environment – we get business by going out and meeting people. However in order to support our case we need to have constructed a backdrop of digital, online material so that when people check us out there’s something good to find.

So we’ve produced an updated version of our 1Man Brand product modified by our experience of how the social media / digital world has developed over the last 10 years and supplemented by inputs from all the research projects we’ve done into how small companies used the internet to their advantage.

The digital part is up to date, the copywriting section has been slanted towards writing digital copy and the sales part has been beefed up to help you deal with the issues you face as business owner.

You can buy it online as a complete offering or you can buy bundles based on sales, copywriting or digital approaches. You can also buy the information as one day workshops or just buy the workbook on it’s own.

It’s shipped on a DVD but you can also view it on line. You can order it for £99 here

We took a down to earth approach and called the four modules What’s Your Story plus tell it in Writing, Face to Face and On Line and we’ve added an extra Business Basics model to help you sanity check your business model. You can also buy the three modules individually – supplied with What’s your Story and the Social Media for Real Business Work book.

1Man Brand Copywriting – Telling it in Writing
1Man Brand Sales – Telling it Face to Face
1Man Brand On line – Telling it on line

If you prefer a taster to see what it’s about I’ve organised a monthly webinar via eventbrite here.

For more details about the workshops and the products generally visit the main 1Man Brand site

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