New Aggregation tools – there’s so much potential!

One of the things that we’ve been experimenting with here over the summer is the plethora of tools that are available for aggregating, curating and disseminating content. This has become clear as being an important plank in the proposed digital business community we have been studying.

For some time we have been using as a tool. This automatically constructs a daily newspaper from the links tweeted around a hashtag topic or around a list of chosen twitter IDs. We use this on our intelligent garden site to disseminate information about organic gardening and permaculture from a list that includes the RHS, alys fowler, the Permaculture institute and various other luminaries.

I’ve also used for some time a tool called a blidget which effectively takes an RSS feed from a blog for example and turns it into a little gadget that you can embed in a profile or any web page capable of handling iframes. We’ve been aware of some time that activity on Facebook pages and likes can be widgeted into a blog but with a bit of online skulduggery the blidget can do the same for Facebook groups – something that FB doesn’t want you to do as it wants advertising friendly fan pages – but the odd thing is that it’s the group format that sparks discussions and if you manage a good group it’s useful to be able to promote it as digital collateral.

All of these tools are essentially robots. Howevever we’ve come across one that’s actually a really powerful curating tool as it allows you to hand select things that are of real interest and construct them into a “blidget” that expands into a newspaper.  That’s really powerful as it allows you to be selective and really add value to your client base. is the tool that allows you to do this. I thought you’d l ike to see one I’d prepared earlier – any questions?


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