Social Media for Real Businesses

I’ve used Completely Novel to create some new books. The first one to be properly published complete with ISBN number is Social Media for Real Businesses.

This book developed out of a combination of our own experiences in developing and promoting businesses and the research projects I’ve carried out over the years for people who have a real interest in how small businesses actually make use of this stuff. People like the Government, IT and telecomms companies.

Most of us have to create some scenery for the play of our networking. Digital media give us a real chance to do that.

Much of what passes for advice is about the self reflecting games of the twittering classes. This book aims to bring it down to earth. This book aims to put this into the context of how you can use this is in a day to day practical sense. How it’s been used by real people to sell real products and services to real customers.

If you’d like to take a peek at the book your can review it here

I hope you like it.

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