Another great business communication tool

Thanks to a tip off from my old chum Tom Evans I recently checked out a new self publishing site called

As part of my last couple of projects I’ve created a couple of workbooks and it’s always been a long term project of mine to tickle up some of my earlier e-books, get them into paperback and sell them on Amazon / give them away as promotional material. Given that you can get 100-off 56 page books done for a little over £2 each, if you want to produce good quality collateral that’s a pretty good deal.

So I’ve signed up for the free version. So far I’ve produced the growing jobs workbook as a perfect bound paperback – proof copies en route – and have turned my existing 21 business stories into online book. You can read it here. Free to me and free to you. If you want to buy a hardback copy I’ll shortly be creating a link. It looks like this

The great thing is – if I sell them for £5.99 – I will make £3.73 in royalties. And if I upgrade to a paid plan I can get ISBN numbers and sell them on Amazon. – not bad for £8 (or £15) a month. The top version would pay for itself in cheap ISBN numbers if you published 5 books a year.

I would check it out if you are looking to follow the “jack up your credibility by giving away good content” school of marketing.

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