How to be a salesman – the Gospel according to O’Hara

I think this is the most important module of them all.

Most small businesses actually sell to other businesses and there is no substitute for being good at face to face interaction. More important still is to be systematic. Sales is a process – throw enough mud at the wall and some of it will stick. But it’s also true that you need to work much more smartly than sales people needed to in days gone by.

new sales pyramid

The stages in the sale

As the business owner you have a natural advantage – your enthusiasm, knowledge and evident integrity will often carry the day against a professional salesman. However the danger is that you do things by instinct too much and you never develop the systematic habits that professionally managed sales people learn. This means that when you eventually get to the point that you are no longer able to do all the selling yourself you will have no established way of managing the person you take on.

This module is subtitled the Gospel according to O’Hara because it teaches a simple methodology that will work for you. O’Hara was lured away from Olivetti (who at the time were the masters of system selling) by Commodore to train all the feckless enthusiasts who thought it a good idea to become the “local friendly computer dealer”. We were all pretty hopeless so O’Hara constructed a boot camp for us and spent three days beating his methods into us.

However the module doesn’t end there it also covers how to qualify – which is the weak point of many “professional” salesmen and gives you some simple tools for managing a sales team. Finally it addresses the problems of how to sell to larger organisations and how to deal with longer sales cycles.

It introduces you to my favourite sales masters, Neil Rackham, Jim Holden, Robin Fielder and Marcus Cauchi and gives you a few thoughts on how you can close the sale without feeling you’ve violated your integrity.

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