How to write copy for the online world

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Remember how emails appear when you write them

Written Communication is the foundation of internet based marketing – however it’s quite different from conventional copywriting because you have to allow for people having different reading styles on line – and for the issues of Google search and spam filtering if you are writing web pages or email content.

The Telling it in Writing module of the new 1man Brand is all about how to write digital copy. It comes in four short 20 minute modules. It updates the original module with material from a course on digital copywriting from a well known conference organiser and from various research projects into what makes digital media attractive to the prospective buyer.

The sections are as follows

Section one focuses on customer motivation and the science and practice of influence in communication.

Language and Morality

Language and morality of different groups

Section two deals with how to construct the persona that you are going to write to, what words motivate people and the detail of how to construct offers and build headlines that grab attention and motivate.

Section three deals with the peculiarities of writing on line instead of for print. Where people look, how they read, the particular issues that emails present and the things you need to take on board to deal with gatekeepers. The section concludes with a brief overview of the legal niceties.

The last section talks about more conventional writing – brochures and fliers, a useful section on the use of PR and the value of case studies and blogs.

At the end of this you should have a much clearer idea of how to structure your writing so that people will actually read it. It does need work – its taken me a lifetime to move from writing science prose to writing passable copy. Hopefully it will be much quicker for you as I’ve put in all the useful things I found along the way

This module is also available on it’s own or as a workshop.  The “What’s your Story?” module is bundled with it.

The full 1Man Brand product is available as  stand alone distance learning product or bundled with 5 hours support.

The distance learning product is hosted online and you will be able to download the individual videos to your computer. Each of the modules has 3 or 4 videos lasting between 15 and 25 minutes each. It comes with a workbook which you can download. If you live in the UK or the Republic of Ireland will will post you a hard copy in addition. This product is priced at £99 and you can order it here

You can buy 1Man Brand with support included here for £599.

You can buy additional blocks of five hours support for £500 here.

All these prices include VAT. If you need any help or have issues accessing the material simply ring 44 (0)845 094 0407 – this is not a premium rate line and is in fact free for callers from land lines in the UK.

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