How to do internet marketing

As soon as they meet you (or even before 😉 ) prospective customers are going to check you out online.

most effective social media channelsSo you need to have something worthwhile to find. This can be a blog, a white paper, a facebook group or page, or even a video that demonstrates that

  1. You know what you’re about
  2. You deliver what you say at the right time and price
  3. You’re easy and pleasant to work with.

This module divided into 3 sections gives you the basic information you need for success.

Section 1 concentrates on techniques for identifying the all important keywords and what to do with them once you’ve got them. We take a look at how google adwords function, introduce their keyword tool and explain how the keywords double as tags and these days need to be involved in tweets and social media posts as well as sitting in anchor text on links.

mobile media

The social media network goes mobile

Section 2 tells you about source media such as blogs, youtube and slideshare where you create content, and twitter, facebook and linked-in where you can let your public experience it. We review the different tools and explain how they link together.

Section 3 reviews a set of curation and embedding tools which enable you to create powerful sources of information relevant to your key customers and stakeholders so you can effectively use your web presence to really back up your face to face selling and networking activity.

This course is particularly suitable for people who need to support their front line sales with digital collateral that provides social proof of their competence as it tells you how to leverage what you produce and how to tag it so as to boost it’s chances of being found organically.

This module is also available on it’s own or as a workshop.  The what’s your story module is bundled with it.

The full 1Man Brand product is available as  stand alone distance learning product or bundled with 5 hours support.

The distance learning product is hosted online and you will be able to download the individual videos to your computer. Each of the modules has 3 or 4 videos lasting between 15 and 25 minutes each. It comes with a workbook which you can download. If you live in the UK or the Republic of Ireland will will post you a hard copy in addition. This product is priced at £99 and you can order it here

You can buy 1Man Brand with support included here for £599.

You can buy additional blocks of five hours support for £500 here.

All these prices include VAT. If you need any help or have issues accessing the material simply ring 44 (0)845 094 0407 – this is not a premium rate line and is in fact free for callers from land lines in the UK.

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