Business Basics – How do I get customers?

How to succeed in Business

Most of us focus on how we are going to promote ourselves and sell within the lead generation strategy that we have come up with.

However it’s important to understand how the business works as a whole – how to research and source products, how to construct a profitable business model and how to motivate staff to look after customers once you’ve got them. After all this is the origin of the brand value of the business. The goodwill that you may eventually realise when you sell the business.

Power Law

The market leader has twice the market share of the next player

This module sets out to help you succeed in business.

There are three sections to it

  1. How markets work and how to research new products
  2. The basics of how to construct a business model that works
  3. What barriers you are likely to meet and how to overcome them by becoming a learning organisation.

If you have a clear understanding of how these factors work together you will construct a viable model that you can then market effectively. After all there’s no point in marketing products that lose you money – is there?


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